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Criminal Justice MBA

If you are always glued to the screen when detective shows come on, or even if you are on the beat already, there is a vast world within the criminal justice industry, with plenty of growth and potential held within.

Obtaining a criminal justice MBA can promote you through to great positions in the field, increasing your knowledge in several areas including:

  • Crime psychology
  • Victim’s advocating
  • Research methodology
  • Social change
  • Cultural awareness

You will also have concentrated instruction in various other areas including forensic science, probation, corrections, parole, and juvenile criminal activity and procedure as well.

You will have great entry into many career paths which could include:

  • Correctional administration
  • Forensic science
  • Security management
  • Law enforcement administration

With the MBA in criminal justice, you will also have great access to the highest supervisory positions, with the highest income potential, with wages that can reach between $85,000 and $140,000. There are several campuses that provide these degrees, with online course study available for those working with a busy schedule and a lifestyle that doesn’t permit a great deal of time to devote to studies.

The average costs for an MBA in criminal justice is about $6000 to $120,000 for online instruction, with a slightly higher cost for traditional campus instruction that can take place within a number of reputable institutions. Online degrees are also offered through well-known, top-rated Universities and colleges, ensuring that you are receiving an accredited and highly valuable education.

When you complete your bachelor’s degree, you will be given the option to go further or remain satisfied with your education as of yet. Making the choice to advance towards your MBA is a great choice to make if you want a stable and secure placement within the field, with plenty of room to grow throughout the industry, even within multiple sectors in high level jobs.

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