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Discover The Facts About The Hayward MBA Program

The California State University (East Bay) MBA program, better known as the Hayward MBA program, is a high-rated MBA program. The AACSB accredited evening MBA program is followed on an international level.

The five major components of the Hayward MBA curriculum are - Foundation Courses & Proficiency Requirements, Core Courses, Option Courses, International Requirement and the Capstone Experience. Of course, you will be required to clear all Proficiency Requirements within the first quarter of admission into the program.

Foundation Courses & Proficiency Requirements

Foundation courses offered by the CSUEB are in conformity to the common body of knowledge in business administration laid down by the professional accrediting body for Business Administration degree programs, AACSB. The foundation courses, however, are not compulsory for MBA students having an undergraduate degree from an AACSB-accredited University. Foundation courses are again not included in the MBA degree program provided that the one pursuing the program has cleared an equivalent undergraduate course.

The Hayward MBA program Proficiency requirements for mathematics and statistics stipulates at least a C-grade in an equivalent coursework. Registration to classes that have proficiency in Mathematics and Statistics as the basic requirements is barred for candidates, who fail to meet this minimum criterion.

Core Courses

The Graduate Core Courses too are a sort of foundation for the advanced MBA syllabus. The Core courses are common for all students following the MBA curriculum.

FIN 6300 - Seminar in Financial Management Interpersonal Skills Course selected from the following: MGMT 6560, 6612, 6617, 6630, 6635; or MKTG 6403, 6460 MGMT 6100 - Operations Management

International Requirement

As a student following the MBA degree curriculum, you will also be required to opt for a 4-unit course in International Business or International Economics. This 4-unit course will be a part of the 45 units of the degree. Courses include: ACCT 6470; ECON 6107, 6700, 6705, 6710; FIN 6375; MGMT 6140, 6150, 6440, 6570, 6675; or MKTG 6470

Capstone Experience

The capstone course is taken up at the final stages of the MBA degree program (usually in the last quarter that you will be graduating). Adding the practical touch to the MBA curriculum, the capstone course calls for the blending of knowledge gained from core courses with the optional courses. The Hayward MBA program project is done on these courses. You will be required to opt between MGMT 6490 and ENTR 6490.

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