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JD/MBA Programs

The number of applicants for JD/MBA joint degree is rising rapidly. But before joining the program of MBA and law degree graduates, it’s worth thinking about benefits and disadvantages of such learning program. JD/MBA programs are primarily designed to provide skills and knowledge needed to operate in both business and legal environment. Dual education will help you to decrease expenditures for tuition and to save your time required for finishing the two courses separately.

Besides, MBA starting salary will be definitely increased provided you have two degrees. But still it may be interesting to investigate disadvantages of JD/MBA programs. When considering the application for JD/MBA programs it is important to decide what sequence suits you best. For instance, you may be accepted to the three or four-year JD/MBA programs via a single/joint application or via a dual/concurrent application process.

Another option to attend JD/MBA programs is to enter joint degree program while studying on the first year of the law or business school. The advantage is obvious as you will save your money and time. But the general item of concern lies in the lack of applicant places, so it is not that easy to get admission into the JD/MBA programs.

To examine difficulties and prospects more thoroughly, let’s compare educational processes of two learning centers. The Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School offer the oldest MBA joint degree program. It is designed for four-year completion and involves total comprehension of professional skills within two working areas.

The JD/MBA programs at Harvard provide graduates with a unique conjunction of legal and business skills. They enable students to perform general management obligations with knowledge of legislative basis and leadership principles in private, governmental and non-profit organizations. In strive to meet the applicants’ requirements MBA Fordham course was also completed with an option to receive Juris Doctor degree.

Full-time and part-time students may study program of law and business administration, however JD/MBA programs require acceptance into both programs. For those who are interested in getting dual degree education the detailed information is widely presented in the Internet, or at the web-sites of universities, which offer such educational programs.

By the way, if you are interested in MBA Recommendation Letter, then you will be interested to know the following information.

When you have decided to further your study in MBA degree program, you would definitely hope that you will be accepted and able to enter your “dream” or “preferred” university which is recognized internationally. In your application process, recommendation letter has played an important role in assisting you to stand a higher chance to be accepted by the business school.

Your MBA recommendation letters are a crucial component in your application process because each letter provides a third person’s perspective on who you are and how you deal with people and work.

You need to tell the university more about yourself before you can be successfully enrolled. Even you have passed the entry test and you have provided your academic qualification and working experience, it is still not sufficient. The university needs to know more about you especially they need to make sure you are really well prepared and determined in completing the whole program.

As a result, having successful people to write you some great recommendation letters would be the fastest way to prove to the university who you are. An MBA recommendation letter is a strong evidence to prove to the university that you have the great potential to complete the prestigious program offered by the university.

During the application process, the university always requires for MBA recommendation letters. Through the MBA recommendation letters, the university is able to evaluate how much experience you have, how your previous and current employers feel about your work ethic and attitude, how far is your leadership ability and business knowledge and to what extent you are accepted by your business associates and clients. It is your task to look for a few people to write your MBA recommendation letters.

To find the recommenders is not an easy task. The recommenders must be close to you in the sense that they must have interacted with you for a certain period of time. They must be having high enough title in the organizations or higher positions than you and they are able to go into depth about your strengths and weaknesses. You must look for recommenders who can highlight the most positive things about you.

The recommenders can be your lecturers, ex-bosses, current boss, company secretary, auditors, business associates, clients, team leaders, association leaders, etc. Look for recommenders in all areas in order to portray to the university that you are a multi-dimensional applicant.

Once you have identified your recommenders, although you can’t write your own letters for them, you can provide your curriculum vitae or some key points and guidance to them before they start writing. This is to ensure that you will get the letters with the content you expect them to express in their letters. It is ideal if the recommendation letters can emphasize your achievement or your history of being a leader and your willingness to learn all the aspects of a business.

To sum up, writing an MBA recommendation letter is not difficult. The crucial part is to find good recommenders who can strongly recommend you and enable you to be enrolled in the MBA business school which is reputable and high ranked among the public.

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