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Online Programs In MBA - Top 10 Rank Holders

A real blessing that online MBA programs are, they do not require one to sacrifice ones job, family or earnings; and now, with the incorporation of the 75:25 form of instruction, the degrees offered by the online Business Schools are being recognized worldwide if not valued at an equal footing to the full-time courses. Here, we list MBA top 10 online programs for your convenience.

The MBA top 10 online programs have been arrived at following an analysis of the program structure, fees, networking opportunities and repute of the individual programs.

Instituto de Empresa

Instituto de Empresa (or IE as it is popularly referred to) offers an 18 months Global MBA program for English and Spanish speakers. The Madrid-based online Business School conducts Information Systems, Intercultural Skills, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Strategy oriented courses. Apart from virtual lectures and videoconferences, lessons are imparted through "blended sessions" organized in different cities including London, Madrid, New York, Santiago, Shanghai and other cities. The MBA course fee charged is approx. 43,000 USD.

For an overview of the MBA courses offered by Instituto de Empresa visit the website:

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Arizona-based Thunderbird School of Global Management proffers a global MBA program wherein students are trained in Cross-Cultural Communications, Global Finance, Global Leadership, Global Marketing, Global Negotiations, Global Political Economy, Global Operations as well as Global Strategy. Ranked No. 1 in International Programs by U.S. News & World Report and by top publications, the program calls for participation in on-site seminars in the USA, China and Europe besides the normal virtual classroom schedules. The tuition fee, which is inclusive of on-site costs for international study trips except airfare, is 57,000 USD.

For more information visit the official website:

Duke University

The North Carolina based Duke University conducts 20-months Cross-Continental MBA program. The program nicely blends Internet-enabled distance learning with residential sessions. As a student, you will be required to participate in 9 one-week residential sessions organized in North Carolina, Europe and Asia. The program covers courses on Accounting, Cross-Cultural Communications, Decision Models, Finance, Global Economics, Global Financial Management and Marketing, Strategy. The course-fee of 93,450 USD is a little on the higher side.

For additional information, refer to the website:

Manchester Business School

The Manchester Business School offers a comprehensive yet flexible Distance Learning MBA program at an astonishingly low price - 14,400 GBP (approximately 28383 USD). The 2-year program is built around self-study sessions and workshop sessions in six destinations worldwide - Dubai, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore and UK. Courses are organized around fundamental business concepts of Accounting, Corporate Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior as well as Quantitative Methods.

Look into the official website of Manchester Business School: for more information.

Indiana University

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, the Indiana University offers a two-year Master of Business Administration (Kelley Direct) program. Although the focus of the program is on general administration, the program can be molded to meet your personal needs. Courses on Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Global Business, Human Resources, Project Management, Quantitative Analysis, Strategic Capabilities and Strategic Marketing are imparted exclusively over the Web. However, students are also required to participate in two "in-residence" courses continuing for a week in Indiana. The course-fee is 42,000 USD. Years of corporate or military experience are the pre-conditions for admission.

Visit the website: for additional updates.

Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University conducts the Penn State's Online MBA program that is based on online and residency sessions. Continuing for 2 years, the program trains students in Accounting, Corporate Strategies, Data Analysis, Decision Making, Finance, Global Operations, Global Management, Marketing and Organizational Behavior & Change. Of the 2 residency experiences, the first one is offered at a U.S. company and the second one at the University Park campus. The tuition fee is 49000 USD.

The Website: will provide you additional information.

University of Florida

The Internet MBA program conducted by the University of Florida provides you two options - the Two Year MBA and the One Year MBA courses. The former is a 27-month curriculum and the latter, a 16-month curriculum. At the end of each term, the former program stipulates 8 weekend campus sessions and the latter program, 5 weekend sessions. Accounting, Brand Equity, Business Policy, Business Law, Corporate Finance, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Personal Finance and Professional Writing are the various areas covered by the two programs. The tuition fees are 34,000 USD and 39,000 USD for the one-year and two-year courses respectively.

For additional information look into the website:

Babson College

Boston-based Babson College conducts a Fast Track MBA program. The 2-year program is a complete program involving web-based learning, face-to-face sessions and field projects. Face-to-face sessions are convened for two days (all day on Fridays and Saturdays) once in every six weeks in the college campus, Portland and Oregon. Ranked No.1 in Entrepreneurship courses, Babson College courses also deal with Accounting, Creativity, Ethics, Finance, Human Behavior, Innovation, Legal and Marketing aspects of business. The tuition fee is 48,500 USD.

For curriculum updates refer to the website:

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

The University of Massachusetts offers a special Online MBA program focused on business aspects like Accounting, Business Data Analysis, Finance, Human Resources, Independent Research, Marketing and Organizational Behavior. The entire program can be completed online within a span of 2 years. The program fee is 24,790 USD.

Refer to the website: if you are seeking more information.

The George Washington University

The George Washington University MBA Program is a specialized Healthcare MBA for people related to the healthcare industry. The 2-year program revolves round 12 courses and two interdisciplinary projects. The program fee is 47,472 USD and offers enhanced knowledge in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Dynamics, Healthcare Policy Analysis, Marketing, Operations Management, Personal Financial Advising, Public Policy, Strategic Management, Statistics and World Economy.

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