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University Of Chicago Executive MBA Program Facts

The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and its executive MBA program places you in a far advantageous position than the EMBA program of any other business school. The GSB (University of Chicago Graduate School of Business) rewards you with an exceptional business credential and, at the same time, brings you an opportunity to be a part of a life-long excellent business network.

Whether you speak of the intellectual environment or the proficient guidance of accomplished faculty members (featuring some Nobel prize winners) or of the zealous global camaraderie, the University of Chicago Executive MBA program is sure to bring about immense improvement in your professional and personal life.

The GSB Executive MBA program is simultaneously conducted at three campuses in three famous cities (in three different continents) namely Chicago, London, and Singapore. The intellectually stimulating ambience of the GSB introduces you to a global marketplace where professionals from all around the globe joining the unified University of Chicago Executive MBA program bring along their international viewpoint. As such, you are exposed to the many challenges being faced in the business sphere worldwide. This not only whets your judgment and decision-making ability but also imbues you with confidence. It even encourages crossbreeding of ideas, which can bring about radical changes in the business domain.

University of Chicago Executive MBA Curriculum & Degree

The GSB Executive MBA curriculum is very utilitarian and comprehensive; so, you not only pick up the basic business principles and theories through the courses, you even learn about their usefulness and relevance in various corporate/organizational contexts. The courses are continually updated to equip you with the latest business knowledge and skills.

The Executive MBA program consists of 15 core courses divided under two heads – Business Fundamentals and Managerial Leadership. The program even requires you to study two elective half-courses along with the core courses. While the core courses introduce you to the general business theories, the elective courses help you meet your career goals. The University Of Chicago Executive MBA degree is awarded provided that you complete the fifteen core courses (with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better) and the two elective half-courses.

Program Timeline

The Executive MBA is a 21-month, part-time program. Classes commence in the month of June each year. As said, students in all the three campuses take the same courses together and they are taught by the same faculty. If you happen to join the London or Singapore schools, you will have one-week modules. If you join the Chicago-based school, you will be required to attend classes on alternate Fridays and Saturdays together with a 4-week long residential session.

Every year about 90 experienced professionals take admission at each of the three GSB campuses for the Executive MBA Program. You can apply for the program online or through mail. In any case, the limited number of seats requires you to act fast. If you are really intent on obtaining the University of Chicago Executive MBA degree, you should send in your application form at the earliest. This year the program is scheduled to begin in the last week of June and all the procedures and formalities have already been fulfilled. You have no other option but to wait for the next session; however, considering the immense worth of the GSB Executive MBA program, it will be prudent to wait and watch.

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