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A Guide To Wharton Executive MBA Program Facts

Wharton School, the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, established in 1881, happens to be America's oldest business school. Ranked among the top business education institutions of the world, Wharton School conducts first-class degree and diploma programs. Wharton's EMBA or Executive Development Program is one such program, which is rendered unique both by its educational standards and by the distinction of the faculty members.

Wharton Executive MBA program is a two-year, weekend residential program. Following the same curriculum as regular Wharton MBA program, the Executive program makes use of a multidimensional approach of lectures. Faculty members, authorities/specialists in diverse business disciplines, provide comprehensive knowledge in core business areas.

The other star features of the Wharton Executive Development Program are the organizational dynamics workshop and the strategy simulation. As a professional pursuing the EMBA curriculum, you will be encouraged to apply the business insights and strategies gained in apt situations within your own organization.

The key business topics covered under the Executive MBA curriculum of the Wharton School are - Finance, Creating Shareholder Value, Value-Driven Decision Making, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Global Leadership, Local Adaptation in Global Markets, Faces of Globalization, Strategy, Thinking Strategically, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Strategy Simulation, Leadership and Organization, Executive Negotiations Workshop, Decision Making and Leadership, Organizational Dynamics.

Wharton Executive MBA program is offered in two locations - at the Wharton School campus in Philadelphia and at Wharton West in San Francisco.

Executive MBA - The Wharton Difference

The Wharton Executive MBA program reflects the spirit of innovation that permeates Wharton's other MBA programs. Be it the learning team model (with its 8 student-to-faculty ratio), the depth of knowledge of the faculty, the new research technologies resorted to or the tools used for instructing the students, Wharton gives you an edge with its innovative approach.

The biggest innovation, so far, has been the hands-on learning methods that expose the students to real organizational situations. The learning simulations that Wharton pioneered will definitely help you further your career goals by introducing you to new tools, techniques and tactics. Irrespective of the extent of your expertise and experience, practical application will certainly hone your skills and endow you with leadership qualities.

The Wharton Executive MBA advantage again places you ahead in competition because at Wharton you have enterprising, front-line executives from different industries and regions as companions. You benefit as much from their wide exposure and perception as from the formal classes.

Wharton's 250+ faculty members are the business school's pillars of strength and you can benefit from their immense business knowledge - acquiring mastery over business fundamentals as well as specialized skills. The enriching experience that they share with you will not only familiarize you with the most up-to-date business practices and concepts but enable you bring about revolutionary changes in the corporate world.

As such, being one of the leading institutions for business education in the world is a reason enough to opt for Wharton School. And when you come to think of the fact that getting enrolled in the Wharton Executive MBA program is only the beginning of a career-long association with worthy individuals you can reach out for help anytime, the temptation is simply irresistible. Of course, you would have to have a high GPA, high GMAT score as well as qualitative credentials to establish your eligibility.

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